PLUK. Issue 16. Jan/feb 2004

PLUK Photography in London, the UK and Europe
Jerwood Photography Award
Issue 16
Jan/Feb 2004

The Jerwood Charitable Foundation supports arts graduates in that difficult period when they are first trying to establish themselves. Under the auspices of Edinburgh based Portfolio magazine the first annual Jerwood Photography awards were presented by the Victoria and Albert’s Mark Haworth-Booth to five photographers with recent degrees from UK art institutions. The five, who each received £2000, are Veronica Bailey, Polly Braden, Danny Treacy,Edgar Martins and Naglaa Walker. Although the work was not exhibited at the foundations' London space, each winner's work is exquisitely displayed in one of the five four-page spreads in Portfolio, Issue 38.
All artwork and images © Veronica Bailey 2024.