The Financial Times - Weekend. 12-13 March 2005.


The Financial Times - Weekend
Artbuying for Beginners by Lottie Moggachi
12-13 March 2005

I want to buy a piece of art. There are very few things in life that are both fashionable and sensible. It seems that, right now, buying art is one of them. Research by Barclays capital suggests that fine art generates returns of 10.9% . compared with 8.1% for property and 4.7%for stocks.....

I go along to The London Art Fair which is held in January at the Business Design Centre in Islington....  My next adviser is Ben Lewis, art critic for Prospect magazine  and writer/presenter of a programme on Channel Four last year called Why Do People Buy Art?..... If you want the piece of art to increase in have to be educated and ask questions. How does the piece fit with the artist's body of work? How does it fit with dealing with the issues other artists are dealing with? How intellectually significant is it?.....We stop at some wonderful photographs of books by an artist called Veronica Bailey. The pictures are not only gorgeous but are quite possibly, Lewis reckons, intellectually significant. I'm interested. Now what?........

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