Kultur Vollzug. April 2011.

From newspapers and gods
3rd April 2011
Achim Manthey, Editor
Kultur Vollzug
Dad digitale Feuilleton für München

Bernheimer Fine Art Photography presents the exhibition Modern Myths 13 pictures of British photographer Veronica Bailey.

Modern myths. How often are they constructed from newspapers and written down just as quickly, is also known to experience.

In her new image cycle Modern Myths , the 46-year-old photographer Veronica Bailey takes turn to an article of daily use: the newspaper. Upside down, rolled, diversified, folded. Photographed against a black background in monochrome. The pictures do not reveal to which newspaper is. There are powerful Leaves and thin. The issues with which they deal just stay hidden. News of international, national, regional significance? It does not matter, because the artist is trying to explore through the abstraction of the imaged object, the relationship between human nature and message, between war, money and the power of the media.

As titles of the works are the names of the gods of Olympus. Matches the media gods of our day which the ancient world? The images suggest it.

Zeus, the god father, is a thick, fanned sheet. Recording transfers the haptic pleasure of newspaper reader to keep a decent piece of newspaper in his hands, to the viewer of the painting. Apollo, the god of light comes, therefore, as a red-colored object of daily news. Thin and pale light contrast dipped a thin leaflets, named after the god of war and battles. Ares - a sad figure, symbolic of what he would be today. Hestia, the goddess of hearth and home is a powerful, thick sheet, its shadow sink into the infinity of black. The leaflet entitled Aphrodite, the love so it can hardly be said to the darkness.

The pictures are worth seeing. The excellent exhibition would grandiose, the gallery of the enticement would in any event on the opening night not succumbed, as in adding two further rooms yet the artist's works from the series shown already in a group exhibition in 2007 Shelt Life show. Even if it's going to books that will not fit together thematically. The 13 images of the actual exhibition bear all.

The exhibition Modern Myths can be seen until April 16 in the gallery Bernheimer Fine Art Photography, Brienner Str. 7 in Munich. Admission is free.
All artwork and images © Veronica Bailey 2024.