Roses for Picardy 2012

Roses [for Picardy] references the First World War wartime ballad 'Roses of Picardy' written by Frederick Weatherly (1848 -1929). This was set to music by Haydn Wood (1882- 1959), and sung by soldiers in memory of their sweethearts. These roses come from the walled garden situated in Walpole Park in the grounds of the architect Sir John Soane's Pitzhanger Manor, Ealing. This series symbolises the sensation of separation, and its heightened sense of emotional attachment.

Size 1 
H10 x W8 3/4 inches (with white border) Edition 6 

Size 2 
H8 x W7 inches (with white border) Edition 9

Title: hush of the sil-ver dew

Title: keep in my heart!

Title: ro-ses are flow’r-ing

Title: ro-ses are shin-ing

Title: ne-ver a rose like you!

All artwork and images © Veronica Bailey 2024.