Lincoln Center Festival, New York 2013

Used with the permission of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts ®

The 2013 Lincoln Center Festival features 'Woman in Art', courtesy of the British Fine Art Photographer, Veronica Bailey b.1965. 'Woman in Art ' is part of the 2003 Jerwood Photography Award series 2 Willow Road, which features magnified book edges from the personal library of modernist architect Ernö Goldfinger and his artist wife Ursula Blackwell. The image reveals more than just colour and shape, it recalls the aura surrounding books and a narrative that reflects art, history and culture.'Woman in Art' highlights the legacy of the Lincoln Center's founder, philanthropist Vera List, whose support of the visual arts programme over the last 50 years continues to inspire artists today.

Woman in Art 
from type to personality
Helen Rosenau:
Isomorph ltd
London, 1944

Helen Rosenau (1900 -1984) was an art and architecture historian who left Germany after her habilitation was rejected in 1933 due to her jewish background. She emigrated to Britain.

This small booklet on woman in art has a sociologist viewpoint. The booklet with its then very modern plastic spiral binding is an early design by British typographer Anthony Froshaug (1920-1984, his Norwegian name is sometimes also spelt "frøshaug" or "fröschaug"). It is the first and only book published by his short-lived Isomorph company. although this collection is mostly about German-language books we include Froshaug because he was a new typography pioneer in Britain influenced by Jan Tschichold.

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