Modern Myths 2010


Edition 15 + 1 A/P. Mounted Archival Photographic Prints.    
Black box frame + Museum Glass.
Print size 1: 500 x 450mm. Edition 6
Print size 2: 1000 x 900mm. Edition 6
Print size 3: 2000 x 1800mm. Edition 3

[Goddess of Love, Beauty, Desire & Fertility]

[God of Sun, Light,Truth, Music & Poetry]

[God of War & Bloodshed]

[Goddess of the Hunt & the Moon]

[Goddess of Wisdom & Crafts & Strategic Battle]

[Goddess of Agriculture, Nature & the Seasons]

[God of Fire & The Forge]

[Goddess of Woman, Marriage & Motherhood]

[Messenger to the Gods & God of Business & Commerce]

[Goddess of the Hearth & Home]


[God of the Seas, Earthquakes & Horses]

[God of Sky, Thunder & Justice]


Modern Myths 2010 is Veronica Bailey’s latest body of work and again it is a meditative exercise focusing upon traditional yet increasingly threatened forms of human communication and knowledge dissemination. Where 2 Willow Road and Hours of Devotion took the book and Postscript the more delicate nature of letters, Modern Myths takes newsprint as its trigger.

Newspapers are intrinsically ephemeral wedges of low-grade paper written and designed to pass on only the most recent take on an ever evolving and devolving news story. They are the essence of cheap, disposable pulp, their shelf life barely even 24 hours. But in that time, in one way or another, the whole broad spectrum of the human experience is embedded within. With Modern Myths, this is inferred obliquely while Bailey manipulates the tight sheets, into suggestive forms and haphazard shapes, creating line from the paper’s edges.

The typefaces that lie, almost scattered, across these sheets are intentionally obscured and the series is reliant on form and colour to engender its own rhythms. Each image has been allotted with a title referencing the deities of Greek mythology, imposing the relevant characteristics of each on the form, as it is read. And the key image, the one that in a sense resonates across the series and endows it with its meaning, is Olympus, that rarified dwelling place of the gods, the hub that lay at the heart of all their nefarious plots and petty jealousies.


Edition 15 + 1 A/P. Mounted Archival Photographic Prints. Black box frame + Museum Glass.
Print size 1: 500 x 450mm . Edition 6
Print size 2: 1000 x 900mm. Edition 6
Print size 3: 2000 x 1800mm. Edition 3

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All artwork and images © Veronica Bailey 2021.