Modern Myths 2010


Edition 15 + 1 A/P. Mounted Archival Photographic Prints.    
Black box frame + Museum Glass.
Print size 1: 500 x 450mm. Edition 6
Print size 2: 1000 x 900mm. Edition 6
Print size 3: 2000 x 1800mm. Edition 3

Title: Aphrodite
[Goddess of Love, Beauty, Desire & Fertility]

Title: Apollo
[God of Sun, Light,Truth, Music & Poetry]

Title: Ares
[God of War & Bloodshed]

Title: Artemis
[Goddess of the Hunt & the Moon]

Title: Athena
[Goddess of Wisdom & Crafts & Strategic Battle]

Title: Demeter
[Goddess of Agriculture, Nature & the Seasons]

Title: Hephaestus
[God of Fire & The Forge]

Title: Hera
[Goddess of Woman, Marriage & Motherhood]

Title: Hermes
[Messenger to the Gods & God of Business & Commerce]

Title: Hestia
[Goddess of the Hearth & Home]

Title: Olympus

Title: Poseidon
[God of the Seas, Earthquakes & Horses]

Title: Zeus
[God of Sky, Thunder & Justice]


The Modern Myths series 2010 features twisted newspapers, highlighting the visual language between human nature, war, money and power in the media. The suggested allegorical relationship between the greek gods in the titles proposes an underlying conversation about the human response to world conflict.


Edition 15 + 1 A/P. Mounted Archival Photographic Prints. Black box frame + Museum Glass.
Print size 1: 500 x 450mm . Edition 6
Print size 2: 1000 x 900mm. Edition 6
Print size 3: 2000 x 1800mm. Edition 3

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