The Emblem of my work 2011

The Emblem of my work 2011

Exhibited at Shandy Hall, Coxwold, York as part of the 250th anniversary of writer Laurence Sterne’s marbled page [169] in Volume 111 of Tristram Shandy - [3rd Sept - 31st Oct 2011].

Edition 25    
Size 4 x 6 inches     

Capturing a turning page of a library book, this photograph reveals two half pages opposing each other. The right hand side, glances at a female portrait, her full identity is cut away. The left-hand page interests me more. This is my emblem - the ‘ghost-like’ mirror imprint. Revealed by chance, under pressure, this reverse image draws the viewer to question, whilst offering up oblique clues to the woman’s identity, and the historical significance of her life.

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