COLOUR TODAY! Bernheimer Fine Art Photography

Thursday 28 November 2013 – Saturday 25 January 2014

In the winter of 2013 Bernheimer Fine Art Photography presents the exhibition Colour Today! in the gallery rooms of Brienner Str. 7, Munich. Within the scope of the group exhibition Bernheimer shows a selection of colour photographs by the artists Veronica Bailey, Candida Höfer, Guido Mocafico and Christopher Thomas.

Following the group exhibition Platinum, which examined one of the most original production techniques of photographs, Bernheimer dedicated its winter exhibition titled Colour Today! to a younger segment of art photography. The origins of colour photography go back to the 1930s, when Kodak and Agfa started to produce commercially usable colour-diapositiv-films, however within the art world black-and-white photographs were exhibited almost exclusively until the 1970s. Colour photography became an art form in its own right only in the 1980s. Reasons for the late recognition were the light sensitivity of the medium and the fact that journalists in particular used colour photography for advertisements, as well as the extensive private use of colour pictures by amateurs.

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All artwork and images © Veronica Bailey 2024.