Colourfields 2014

Edition 12 + 2 A/P. Durst Lambda Fuji Archival Diasec Print .
Print size 1: H 620 x W 450 mm Edition 5
Print size 2: H 818 x W 594 mm Edition 4
Print size 3: H 1159 x W 841 mm . Edition 3

Landscape  sizes
A1 W 841 x W 645
A0 H 1188 x W 911

Title: Mellow Fruitfulness

Title: Ripeness to the Core

Title: Rosy Hue

Title: Season of Mists

Title: Later Flowers

Title: Twined Flowers

Title: Treble Soft

Title: Light Wind

Title: Maturing Suns

Title: Warm Days

Title: To Autumn

Title: Thy Music

Title: Small Gnats Morn

Title: For Summer

Title: Soft Dying Day

Title: Winnowing Wind

By overlaying colour within the still life landscape, the Colourfields series seeks to explore a theme of 'renewal'. This proposition is complemented with reference to the poem 'To Autumn' - written by the English romantic poet John Keats (1795 - 1821) - each of the sixteen artworks being titled as a line extracted from the original prose.

Images photographed during the autumn of 2013 were revisited six months later, with an application of Aniline dye inks. This process sought to revive and regenerate the flora forgotten from a previous point in time, whilst altering the original materiality. The pigment of these aniline dyes is fugitive. Its intensity decays rapidly. Therefore these reawakened, transient artworks were frozen in time, by means of scanning, and reproduction as lambda prints.
All artwork and images © Veronica Bailey 2024.