Group show - A5xn - dalla Rosa Gallery, London - 27 January - 18 February 2017

A Sweet Unrest

Bedewed Pleasures

Soft-fallen Mask

Mysterious, Wild

Sleepy Twilight

Thousand Kisses

dalla Rosa Gallery
27 January - 18 February 2017
An exhibition of A5 work by 15 artists:

Hannah Rae Alton | Veronica Bailey | Jessie Brennan | Benjamin Bridges | Hannah Brown | Richard Ducker | Amy Goodwin | Fiona Grady | Terry Greene | Anne Harild | Catrin Morgan | Charley Peters | Kasper Pincis | Irene Vidal Cal | David Webb

Veronica Bailey is a British Fine Art photographer based in London, specialising in visiting archives and producing photographic series with emphasis on conceptual thinking and historical narrative. In 2003 Veronica won a Jerwood Photography Award for the 2 Willow Road series featuring the magnified book edges of The National Trust library of modernist architect Ernö Goldfinger. Her photographic work continues to highlights nostalgia for threatened forms of human communication and knowledge dissemination in a monotonously digitalised age. The lure of traditional forms of paper and script continue to resinate in her practise. In her photographs Bailey works with everyday still-life objects, which have been carefully arranged; books and letters composed in ways that seem to resemble sculptures of geometrical forms. The concept of renewal, through the process of aniline dye inks painted directly onto photographic paper has been the subject of her Colourfields 2014 series. A5 x n is the first time a selection of these unique photographs have been exhibited and reflects a transfer of thought, back to the materiality of ink on photographic paper, exposing an aluring colour renewal process that proves ultimately as fugative as the inks themselves.
All artwork and images © Veronica Bailey 2024.