Solo Exhibition

9 February ~ 13 April 2017
Bernheimer Fine Art
Haldenstrasse 11, 6006 Lucerne, Switzerland

British art photographer Veronica Bailey’s work specializes on photographic series resulting mainly from visiting archives. Her focus is on examining the nostalgic and traditional means of furthering knowledge, revealing the charm and lure of handwriting and the feel of paper in our monotonous digital age. Her works show carefully arranged everyday life objects. In her compositions she turns books, newspapers and letters into geometrical sculptures. Faint traces of texts may be read, yet the context of each work remains enigmatic. The spectator must fully absorb the photographs in order to find his own personal interpretation. Bernheimer Fine Art is showing a selection of her following series: The "2 Willow Road" series, for which Bailey won the Jerwood Photography Award in 2003, featuring abstract photographs taken in the library of architect Ernö Goldfinger and his wife Ursula Blackwell. "Postscript" documents a collection of letters between the photographer/muse Lee Miller and the British surrealist artist Roland Penrose, written during her years as US war correspondent in World War II before their marriage in the year 1947. "Hours of Devotion" resulted from an assignment for the Archives of the British Bank Coutts & Co and was inspired by the legacy of bank heiress and philanthropist Angela Burdett-Coutts (1814-1906). In her series "Modern Myths" Bailey presents newspapers which to her highlight the visual language explaining human nature, war, money and the power of the media. Bailey’s works have been shown in Great Britain, the USA, Korea, Canada and Germany. Her Postscript series is represented in the Victoria & Albert Museum London as well as in further international collections.

[Above text from an article on Photography Now]

All artwork and images © Veronica Bailey 2024.